Disney’s Aireal lets you feel the imaginary | The Verge.

Puffs of air (like smoke rings) create a tangible interface for you and your video games. (It’s more sophisticated than I make it sound.) From Disney, with video.

Also from Disney:
Disney Research ยป Computational Design of Mechanical Characters.

A (relatively) simple tool to replicate complex 2D motion with cranks and gears. It’s so smooth it made me sit upright so I could see the rotating ellipses better. The implications? You can 3D-print gears to create toys that move as naturally as you want them to. Yes, there’s a video demonstrating this.

And just for good measure, if you haven’t seen the game Disney Infinity, go take a look now. It’s probably unlike any video game you’ve seen before. (There’s Wikipedia, for those of you who want the quick read.)


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New Cinema: “We Make The Weather” Is A Breath-Controlled Interactive Installation Inspired By Hurricane Sandy | The Creators Project.

Interesting project thanks to The Creators Project and Eyebeam. Raises questions upon questions about the nature of film and the existentialism latent in video games. To me, at least.


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From 2010, a perfectly choreographed maelstrom of fireballs from Street Fighter, Marvel, Shodown and a bunch of other games. Like one long fireworks finale–if you could control the exact shape and timing of each explosion. An elevation of sprites and indexed color palettes to something much more beautiful.

Super Fireball Battle.

via MetaFilter

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