Hell in a Handbasket: Mannequins with Cameras in Their Eyes – Core77.

Creepy demographic-scanning mannequins deployed in secret, called EyeSee.

From what I see, there is absolutely nothing preventing this technology from being added to anything else that can be fitted with a camera. Like your phone. Or the front door to a car dealership. Or airport. Or a Real Doll.

Compare: the Embodied Avatar, US Customs’ latest lie detection machine. Freaky good at catching liars.


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MarionetteBot at United Arrows in Japan is quite the window display. Mannequins + Kinects = window displays that mimic the motions of people passing by.


I don’t quite see the elegance or additional levels of Aha! in this installation, but if you look at the joy in the faces of the people passing by, I think you have to give credit to the fundamentally low-tech pleasure of puppets. The limits of these strung-up mannequins makes you want to push them farther. It summons more energy from the participant. Compare to any full-motion video interactive, especially those that are operated with buttons on a table.

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