Watch fifty disco balls create a room full of beautiful static mapped out with 3D modeling | The Verge.

Kyle McDonald and Jonas Jongejan’s Light Leaks. Projectors shine on disco balls, and a camera maps where the reflections are in 3d, allowing them to program full-room projections.

How and what else.

I love the idea of breaking pixels apart. It’s like DLP smashed. Now, what if instead of mirrors you used prisms? Instead of discrete dots, how about smeared light, i.e. vectors?

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The sound of your voice splattered on a wall with light, by Chevalvert, 2roqs, Polygraphik, and Splank. [If you can’t tell, those are names of French studios.]

A pretty visualization. I like the illusion of slowing audio down so that you can see it transmitted along a cable.

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Watch lasers track bubbles to the beat of Daft Punk | The Verge.

I love that the simple addition of bubbles make this fully 3d, and with refraction.

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Microsoft IllumiRoom is a coffee table projector designed for the next-generation Xbox | The Verge.

Still in R&D phase, but impressive. A Kinect maps your living room then a projector extends the video area of the game you’re playing. Nauseatingly immersive.

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Humannature: Craig Walsh’s Video Projections Transform Trees into Spooky Glowing Faces | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building.

I didn’t know people were doing this. Video projection on trees. Eerily beautiful. Definitely watch the video.

If faces wig you out, opt for the soothing geometry of Javier Riera.

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Wind-sensitive lights.

It’s Nice That : Environmentally interactive swarm illuminations in Helsinki’s Silo 468.

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Something I’ve never seen done: projecting a responsive video on a Lycra screen. Smart.

Aaron Sherwood-Firewall.


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