It’s Nice That : Design talks will never be the same again thanks to this pavilion in Sweden.

Look at the photos and construction video. Bet you didn’t think this was quite possible.

…in Sweden, where artist Kustaa Saksi and architect Gert WingĂ„rdh have created the most extraordinary setting for the Hello events programme at Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair. Using an incredible 700,000 illustrated sheets of A3 paper and 44,000 suspension points, the duo have produced a jaw-dropping physical space in which discussions will take on a whole new dimension. Mirrored table tops help add to the riot of colours and shapes suspended from the ceiling.

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Crayola Light Marker for iPad lets you ‘paint in the air’ for $29.99 | The Verge.

This is ridiculous on several levels. Here are two.

#1: The pen is (probably) an infrared LED and can be made for $5.

#2: Why is it better to draw on an iPad while swinging your hand in the air?

Markers on paper are fun. And they’re especially fun for young kids who are just getting started with drawing. Putting your hands on a pen and making it move on paper is an invaluable experience–a necessary one, in fact. The brain learns by drawing, and the tangible part of drawing is crucial to that learning. An air pen is no better than an air guitar. Maybe fun for a few minutes, but ultimately a waste of time and a dissatisfying experience.

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This looks like it could be a great app: draw a picture, color it in, print, fold and play.

Foldify for iPad – Create, Print, Fold!.

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I can’t get enough of random generators that seem to have intentionality. Here are faces generated in javascript that resemble the kind of faces the artist actually draws.

Weird Faces Study.

via Boing Boing

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I found this great collection of projected maps while explaining the shape of the Earth to my five-year-old. Print, cut, fold and glue multiple polyhedrons, including a rhombicuboctahedron.

Map Projections: Polyhedron Maps.

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