abkebabs Map of Europe 1000 AD to present with timeline – YouTube.


Fascinating, as most maps are to me. Fun video, but more useful as a slider to see what things looked like on a specific year.

Reminds me of play Risk on the Mac Plus with the AI at full speed. There’s an emulator for those of you who really need a retro fix.

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Welcome to National Atlas Streamer!.

Thanks to the USGS, an interactive map that lets you trace streams and rivers to their outlets. Click on a blue line and trace it upstream or down. Impressive.

Try clicking on the Chicago River and take a look at the long, improbable red line going all the way down the Mississippi, instead of quickly dumping into Lake Michigan. For those of you who don’t know the story, check out 99% Invisible’s feature. And subscribe to their podcast if you haven’t already.

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Mapping Manhattan: A Love Letter in Subjective Cartography by Neil deGrasse Tyson, Malcolm Gladwell, Yoko Ono & 72 Other New Yorkers | Brain Pickings.

More here:

The concept is simple, but executed brilliantly. In the summer of 2009, Cooper walked the length of Broadway in Manhattan, handing out self-addressed stamped cards that were letter pressed with an outline map of Manhattan. She asked people to map their memories, filling it with whatever was meaningful to them.

The tumblr here.

This really is an elegant project. I wonder if anyone cut up the map or added to it. Origami?

via MeFi, where someone has linked to a horizonless projection of the city. Golly.

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Microphone system maps rooms with a snap of the fingers.

This is interesting. They were able to find a wall with 1mm accuracy. Less successful in a complex room (a cathedral nave), but still–that’s fantastic.

Compare: 3d mapping by ZCorp ZScanner, Trimble, MatterPort, and of course, Kinect.

Next up: 3d mapping by smell.


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Food: An Atlas, Kickstarter-funded collection of maps about food–where it comes from, who consumes it and more. Read:

The Beershed of America and Other Fascinating Food Visualizations – Nicola Twilley – The Atlantic.

$30 in print, download coming soon.

On Facebook.

Very nice.

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Fantastic. I always love novels that begin with a map. Here they tell historical stories, plotted on Google Maps.

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Cameron Booth’s Transit Maps, featuring subway and rail maps, old and new. More on his blog.

via MetaFilter

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Timelapse: Landsat Satellite Images of Climate Change, via Google Earth Engine.

More map goodness. Watch urban sprawl, glacier melt, deforestation and other wonderful works of man.

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Google Street View Hyperlapse.

Yowza. Take two points on a map, grab all the Google Maps images along the way and create an animation. You can grab the target and change orientation while it plays.

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