BLDGBLOG: British Countryside Generator.

Nice write-up on Big Robot’s terrain generator. Lovely results.

Clearly, the potential of technology in architectural design is being realized just as fast in the world of video games, if not faster.

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New York Biotopes by Lena Steinkühler is a short film of abstract plants and creatures in the metropolis New York City | NOTCOT

Mad genius. If this is student work, I am looking forward to the next decade of video production.

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Archangel Ancient Tree Archive | A non-profit organization that collects, propagates, and archives genetics from the world’s oldest and most iconic trees for the purpose of functional forestation.

via Gardenista

note photo archive

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A beautiful and ephemeral installation by my friends at Lekker. Smart and gorgeous work, as usual.

» Hermès Secret Garden.

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