Very nice interactive showing the trajectory of Comet ISON. Move through space in 3d, start and stop the timeline and even switch to Earth perspective to see where the comet will be in the sky. I especially like that they show the planets rotating as they orbit the sun–because the timeline is moving many days per second, it’s like the planets are spinning tops.

Sun Moon Scope.

If you just can’t stand simulations and want to see the real thing–that is, Earth, viewed from space–check this out:

Watch Earth Spin From Your Browser

With the aid of Russian space authorities, Vancouver-based UrtheCast (pronounced “earthcast”) will launch two cameras into orbit today (Nov. 25) with the immediate goal of streaming images of the Earth back home in near-real time.


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Clever application: a grid of SSD’s (y’know, the digital number 8) used as a lo-fi display and/or mirror.

Teehan+Lax Labs – D.I.G.I.T..

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Take a Kinect, capture topographic info and translate to a grid of fast-responding actuators to reproduce the 3d shape. Obviously limited to rolling landscape forms, but nice to see it in action. Basically, a robotic version of the classic pin-impression toy.

What if each column was made of individual cubes, and each cube could slide side-to-side in the XY plane? What if you made each column out of a flexible cable, able to be bent and manipulated by electric current?

inFORM from MIT’s Tangible Media Group.

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Niklas Roy: Instant Art Career.

People-powered paintbrush on pulleys. A charming quasi-cynical installation (I say “quasi” because it is actually very cheery) on the state of commercialized art.

Another example of more low-tech, greater joy.

via MAKE

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The sound of your voice splattered on a wall with light, by Chevalvert, 2roqs, Polygraphik, and Splank. [If you can’t tell, those are names of French studios.]

A pretty visualization. I like the illusion of slowing audio down so that you can see it transmitted along a cable.

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Watch lasers track bubbles to the beat of Daft Punk | The Verge.

I love that the simple addition of bubbles make this fully 3d, and with refraction.

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Nike Flyknit ‘Fit’ Installation by Universal Everything (@universalevery) / #Milan2013.

Nice to read a more technical write-up of an interactive installation, talking about the problems and solutions.

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Do Not Touch.

Crowd-sourced interactive video: it asks you to move your mouse to certain areas of the screen and records your movements. Then adds it to the swarm of other cursors flying all over the screen. The best parts, for me, are the half-second delays between reading the instructions and watching all the cursors fly away.

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New Imaging Device That Is Flexible, Flat, and Transparent.

Some kind of does-everything sensitive display. Made by “researchers”–so I guess it will be a few years.

The new imager, which resembles a flexible plastic film, uses fluorescent particles to capture incoming light and channel a portion of it to an array of sensors framing the sheet. With no electronics or internal components, the imager’s elegant design makes it ideal for a new breed of imaging technologies, including user interface devices that can respond not to a touch, but merely to a simple gesture.

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Form Follows Function by Jongmin Kim.

Impressive array of animations. Even works on your iPhone.

More about the designer here.

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