Boil Up.

Robert Hodgin continues to amaze me. He created this simulation of a bait ball for an exhibit at the Auckland Museum (New Zealand), called Moana, My Ocean. Here he explains his process.

Pretty great.

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Maguro Figure: il modellino perfetto per gli amanti del Sushi!.

Or, if you want the non-Italian version [about this Japanese product] (fewer pics):

Sushi tuna model that decomposes into individual delicacies

I want this. And I want similar models of all the meats I eat. But what would you package the cow in? Surely not an icebox.

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Oceana fish fraud survey reveals widespread mislabeling..

Another worthwhile read. That fish you buy–from the sushi restaurant or even the grocery store–may be mislabeled.

Something I learned about the species escolar, which is often billed as “white tuna”:

To be frankly and bluntly specific – and I’m sorry for this – consumption of escolar causes explosive, oily, orange diarrhea.

Here’s the full report (about the mislabeling, not the escolar).

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