WikiHouse, open-source cutting files for CNC machines, to build new cities barn-raising style, without architects and without developers. Uses SketchUp for now. Open invitation to join in the project.

TED Talk

HuffPost with video interview (Alistair Parvin)

It’s an interesting approach, clearly born out of academic studios. It requires access to a host of expensive, first-world things, namely a CNC machine, computers that can run SketchUp, and plywood of reliable quality. It’s an architecture student’s “raw materials”–chipboard and laser cutter–scaled up, and tasked with a noble mission. Honorable, but you have to wonder whether this is really an efficient way to bring housing to the masses. If you follow the production path from chopping down trees to making plywood, to CNC milling it, and then reassembling the whole thing into a house, it brings to mind making a casserole out of canned food.

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This looks like it could be a great app: draw a picture, color it in, print, fold and play.

Foldify for iPad – Create, Print, Fold!.

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I found this great collection of projected maps while explaining the shape of the Earth to my five-year-old. Print, cut, fold and glue multiple polyhedrons, including a rhombicuboctahedron.

Map Projections: Polyhedron Maps.

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