The Tower Infinity, South Korea’s Forthcoming ‘Invisible’ Skyscraper – Core77.

Cameras capture the view from one side of the tower and LEDs recreate the image on the other side, and so on. I wonder how they deal with varying viewpoints. LEDs aimed at different heights?

Here’s another question: you can’t really see artificial light during the day, so the effect is going to work only at night. But at night, since it’s a 450m-tall tower, what the cameras will see is a dark sky. How are LEDs going to reproduce darkness? And hide the light coming from inside the offices? Maybe they’re counting on the night sky being a soft orange glow, from so many streetlights filtered through a polluted sky.

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Blank Process by Clement Valla | TRIANGULATION BLOG.

I keep looking at this piece and find myself falling deeper into it. It’s nicely done, the multiple layers and representations of looking and the idea of looking. Even the reproduction on this website can be seen as another representation, and I love that Triangulation, which usually is so eloquent, presents this one so matter-of-factly. As if the holes in the wall have come alive and are trying to be known.

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