I’ve always found mathematics beautiful. And I’ve always, or nearly always, felt that it was taught poorly. Too much time spent trying to get to the answer and almost no appreciation for the poetic magnificence around it. I saw this discussion on StackExchange and fell back in love with math all over again:

Visually stunning math concepts which are easy to explain

Just a little while ago I read about Moebius Noodles, [article in The Atlantic] a book (a movement?) that shares this love of math and honestly, to the core, believes that all children can learn to love math, too. It has to do with how we talk about it.

An excerpt:

“Calculations kids are forced to do are often so developmentally inappropriate, the experience amounts to torture,” she says. They also miss the essential point—that mathematics is fundamentally about patterns and structures, rather than “little manipulations of numbers,” as she puts it. It’s akin to budding filmmakers learning first about costumes, lighting and other technical aspects, rather than about crafting meaningful stories.


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Horror in Architecture | ORO Editions.

Josh & Shing (aka Lekker Design) wrote a book! Looks fun. I’m going out on a limb saying it’s the first academic work to use the mullet as a theoretical construct.


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Its Nice That : Interesting new book looks at the whys and wherefores of public typographic installations.

I can’t think of many books that cover typography on- or as-building. This one looks promising.

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