Two interesting and deeply considered theories on how everything is related. At least, in their own universes:

The Pixar Theory | Jon Negroni.

The unified theory of Quentin Taratino’s movie universe

Someone once told me as an architect you’re only every working on one design your whole life. Every project is an iteration on the same idea, hopefully a better attempt than the last to express a single concept. I’ve thought about this a lot. During school it seemed like a superficial remark, as you can look at most student portfolios and notice a tendency to return to the same cool idea. But over the years I have seen it play out, even when the projects look nothing alike. I’m not surprised that the ethos of Pixar or the movie-solipsism of Tarantino are so cleanly teased out.

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Boil Up.

Robert Hodgin continues to amaze me. He created this simulation of a bait ball for an exhibit at the Auckland Museum (New Zealand), called Moana, My Ocean. Here he explains his process.

Pretty great.

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