Times Haiku.

the project is the result of an algorithm designed by the newspaper’s own technical team which sweeps the Times’ website for snippets of articles which fit the syllable criteria for a haiku.


via It’s Nice That : Brilliant blog collects haikus from New York Times articles.

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Damn You Art School.

Apps, Tools, and Resources creative professionals

use to improve Productivity & Creativity.

For everything they never taught you in art school. And other cool stuff.

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Maguro Figure: il modellino perfetto per gli amanti del Sushi!.

Or, if you want the non-Italian version [about this Japanese product] (fewer pics):

Sushi tuna model that decomposes into individual delicacies

I want this. And I want similar models of all the meats I eat. But what would you package the cow in? Surely not an icebox.

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Do Not Touch.

Crowd-sourced interactive video: it asks you to move your mouse to certain areas of the screen and records your movements. Then adds it to the swarm of other cursors flying all over the screen. The best parts, for me, are the half-second delays between reading the instructions and watching all the cursors fly away.

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Stanford scientists develop new type of solar structure that cools buildings in full sunlight.

Nanotech that doesn’t heat up and is able to reflect heat at the frequency required to leave the atmosphere. According to the article, some panels on your roof could lighten your AC load by 35%.


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Connectogram – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

…mapping and interpreting all of the white matter fiber connections in the human brain

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Magnetic Putty Magic Extended Cut | Shanks FX | PBS Digital Studios on Vimeo on Vimeo

This is neat stuff, well shot.


Here’s what 5kg of the stuff looks like.

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SpaceTop – Jinha Lee MIT Media Lab, 이진하.

Transparent screen becomes a window into a holodeck-like box, and you interact within this box, not in front of it.

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Video: Robo-Chopper Dives and Grabs Objects Like a Bird of Prey | Danger Room | Wired.com.

Gosh, I sure hope this ends well for us.

I’m reminded of something I read in the current issue of Lapham’s Quarterly:

Birds of prey do not sing –German proverb

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3D Printed Cell Technique Allows Material To Mimic Human-Like Tissue VIDEO.

Droplets of water and oil mimic cell membranes, bending like muscle and communicating like neurons.

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