New game coming soon with slick black&white graphics and an ever-changing horizon.


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Secret Universe – The Hidden Life Of the Cell on Vimeo on Vimeo

Terrifying and beautiful. What’s the word? Oh yes, sublime. An hour-long education on the cell. More at MeFi.

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Smile-Bot | We Are Matik.

What a nice project. How great to stick your head in a box and see three other faces smiling at you. Faces that are disembodied like a Fig Newton.

And again, I point out the sense of wonder and pleasure at seeing low-tech and low-res come to life. (previously)

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Akiyoshi’s illusion pages.

It’s been years since I first saw these, but there as fresh as ever. Optical illusions that you swear are made with animated gifs.

more via It’s Nice That.

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Google Art Project.

An ever expanding archive of the world’s art, preserved for as long as Google’s servers care to hold them.

Seriously wonderful things to look at, from throughout history.

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Potential UI Gamechanger: Minuum Linear Keyboard – Core77.

I like this thing. Like T9 but in a straight line. Eventually predictive algorithms will be able to guess whole sentences based on where you are and whom you’re writing to.

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Watch This Sizzle Reel: Architect Stephen Chung Hosts ‘Cool Spaces’ – Arts And Culture – Architect Magazine.

Can it be? Will people watch this? Does it mean something that as of this writing there are zero comments on this page at

I wouldn’t focus a show about architecture on the Master Architect. We all know what a lie that idea is. Why not focus on the people who use a building? Tell their story. Show how sunlight warms a room just so, inviting people to linger on a cold day. How a well-proportioned room with good acoustics works. Or how a streamlined, hard space does its job to move people through a transportation terminal. For example.

What architecture needs to sell, if we’re ever going to get anywhere, is the architecture. Not the architect.

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New Imaging Device That Is Flexible, Flat, and Transparent.

Some kind of does-everything sensitive display. Made by “researchers”–so I guess it will be a few years.

The new imager, which resembles a flexible plastic film, uses fluorescent particles to capture incoming light and channel a portion of it to an array of sensors framing the sheet. With no electronics or internal components, the imager’s elegant design makes it ideal for a new breed of imaging technologies, including user interface devices that can respond not to a touch, but merely to a simple gesture.

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Hotel Droog.

Haven’t seen these guys in mags as much as I used to. But it’s clear they never lost any steam. Now they have a hotel with four shops, a gallery, a restaurant and a garden. And only one guest room. Ha ha.

Nice website, too.

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University of Chicago physicists have succeeding in creating a vortex knot—a feat akin to tying a smoke ring into a knot.


Rapid prototyping, bubble patterns, smoke rings, turbulence, 3D and slow-motion video… this looks like fun research. But I don’t understand the science at all.

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