Crayola Light Marker for iPad lets you ‘paint in the air’ for $29.99 | The Verge.

This is ridiculous on several levels. Here are two.

#1: The pen is (probably) an infrared LED and can be made for $5.

#2: Why is it better to draw on an iPad while swinging your hand in the air?

Markers on paper are fun. And they’re especially fun for young kids who are just getting started with drawing. Putting your hands on a pen and making it move on paper is an invaluable experience–a necessary one, in fact. The brain learns by drawing, and the tangible part of drawing is crucial to that learning. An air pen is no better than an air guitar. Maybe fun for a few minutes, but ultimately a waste of time and a dissatisfying experience.

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One of the best collections of modern architecture from around the world, continually updated. I highly recommend at least a weekly if not daily browse through the site to inspire or aggravate the designer in you. Some projects are so lovely you may want to give up the whole enterprise of being an architect. But there are just as many stinkers that might make you feel good about yourself.

OpenBuildings | Archiving the Worlds Built Environment.

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If you are an architect, read this.

Interview: Building Science Pioneer Dr. Joe Lstiburek on the Good, Bad and Ugly Side of Buildings | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building.

A building engineer shoots straight about LEED and the responsibility of architects.


Inhabitat: So where is that information now? What are the sources for working professionals to tap into this in a meaningful way?


Joe Lstiburek: Well, NIBS, National Institute for Building Science has got a group called BETEC and they’ve got some phenomenal design stuff online. I mean I hate to brag, but our website is pretty darn good. And it’s for free –actually not, you’ve already paid for it. A lot of that work came out of government contracts that we were paid to do.

The National Research Council of Canada and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation have fabulous information online. The Department of Energy, USDoE, has got phenomenally good information online. And by and large, it’s fairly consistent. There aren’t big differences and wherever there is a big difference, just agree with me.

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The “Nature Trail” Is An LED Wallpaper Installation Designed To Calm Children On Their Way To Surgery | Inhabitots.

Proximity-sensing backlights.

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It’s Nice That : Dutch creative Wies Preijde’s thread screens provide a magnificent alternative to walls.

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Photo-sharing app & site for people who love good lighting.

LightCollector – powered by Philips | LightCollective.

Share Button – Your Architectural Library Service for Specified Construction Products.

I use this site a lot for building product specifications. No need to go to Sweet’s anymore. Products are organized by Masterspec division, and they indicate whether the links will have CSI specs, cad details, etc.

I am also a fan of the 1994 web color scheme.

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Useful forum on tile issues.

Ceramic Tile Advice Forums – John Bridge Ceramic Tile – Powered by vBulletin.

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Wind-sensitive lights.

It’s Nice That : Environmentally interactive swarm illuminations in Helsinki’s Silo 468.

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“All hands, prepare for MULTIBALL.” | MetaFilter.

Has a neat link to pinball terminology/techniques.

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