It’s Nice That : How about a mind-blowing piece of stop-motion from Kijek/Adamski.

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L A N D.

Marvelous stuff. The hand-drawn illustrations are unbeatable.

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Do you work in an office that uses Windows? Often find yourself emailing people locations of files on a server? Try this shortcut:

  1. Open the folder that has the file you want.
  2. Start a new email.
  3. Use the right mouse button (not the usual left button) to drag the file to the email window.
  4. When you release the button you’ll see a contextual menu–choose “Create Hyperlink Here.”

The file path will paste into the email, and the recipient can click to open the file directly.

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Its Nice That : Red Stripe remix a visit to the corner shop by rigging it out as a musical surprise.

Really, really nice installation. Reach for a Red Stripe and watch the bottles and boxes turn into instruments. It’s like some wonderful genie cursed the members of Stomp into exile as comestibles in a corner shop. Click the link at the end of the video to see some behind-the-scenes.

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Autocad by default animates your zooming, which just wastes time and makes you feel dumb. Disable it:


Uncheck the animation options. Feel better.

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Archangel Ancient Tree Archive | A non-profit organization that collects, propagates, and archives genetics from the world’s oldest and most iconic trees for the purpose of functional forestation.

via Gardenista

note photo archive

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360 Degree Aerial Panorama | 3D Virtual Tours Around the World | Photos of the Most Interesting Places on the Earth |

Link title above pretty much nails it. Backstory here:

AirPano’s Amazing Aerial Panoramas | core77

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Thin Is Definitely In: CES Sees Launch of CST-01 E-Ink Watch – Core77.

Lovely, well-thought-out watch highlighting the potential of e-ink. Great typeface. You set the time through its charging stand, eliminating all buttons on the watch itself. Relatively cheap, too.

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A/N Blog . Defrosting A Construction Site: Beautiful Ice Crystals Inside a Chicago Adaptive Reuse Project.

Unearthly images of an old building-sized refrigerator (cold storage warehouse). Also, video of the thaw. Kind of a shame it’s gone.

Related: Frost Flowers

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After over a year (two years?) of angrily perusing Harper’s, I’ve decided to cancel my subscription of many, many years. Since Lapham left, it’s become terrible. Ideological without wit, a poor sense of what  fiction is… even the book reviews are disappointing in that they’ve become too accessible. I’ve decided to reallocate my reading time to Lapham’s Quarterly, which is a godsend. Really, it is amazing. A boon to the world, and a friendly door to the great writings of the past.

Anyway, I went to the website to enter my request to cancel and noticed this graphic on the side:


And then I thought, I wonder where this comes from. Dumping into Google Images, I found it here:

 biblioklept | terms of venery

An Exaltation of Larks, or The Venereal Game,by James Lipton

And Amazon has it.

If you don’t know about dragging images into Google, you should get to know it. Powerful and fun stuff.

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