Looks practical for both wild and urban environments.

The Scrubba Wash Bag.

via Inhabitat

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Over the years I’ve given out architecture pro-tips to colleagues and friends who’ve noticed there are faster ways of getting things done at work. I’ve decided to collect these tips here, hoping it will make the world a better place. Sort by category, “Faster Architect” (derived from Faster Pussycat…)

And please, send me your tips anytime.

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Tired of waiting for Photoshop to load just to resize an image? Worried about giving up precious memory to a non-CAD application? Enjoy lightweight, high-performance mini-applications? You should use IrfanView.

Free download, extremely small footprint (opens instantly on even the slowest machines), lots of useful features. Resize, rotate, crop, save as another format, batch processing, slide shows… And everything has a shortcut key. It’s so fast you use just S for Save-As, not Ctrl-Shift-S.

One of my favorite tools. Go get it.

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An elegant installation, a grid of weather vanes on a facade.

Charles Sowers | Windswept.

Compare: Wind Map.

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Nice implementation. How much of today is based on understanding and reinterpreting the 1980s? Will we ever be so self-assuredly innovative (albeit wrong at times) again?

Robotic 808 drum-machine – Boing Boing.

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Worth reading if you ever work with color gradients.

The Magical Tech Behind Paper For iPad’s Color-Mixing Perfection | Fast Company.

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Student project that converts rocking motion into knitting. Extra points for putting the beanie right over the sitter’s head.

MAKE | A Rocking Chair That Knits You a Beanie.

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So nice.

Google Chrome Blog: Explore the stellar neighborhood with your browser.

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Pendant lamp that indicates the weather. Oh, and it has a liquid nitrogen component that creates a cloud in your house if it’s cloudy outside.

Nebula 12.


Seems like it belongs on this list.

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