Oceana fish fraud survey reveals widespread mislabeling..

Another worthwhile read. That fish you buy–from the sushi restaurant or even the grocery store–may be mislabeled.

Something I learned about the species escolar, which is often billed as “white tuna”:

To be frankly and bluntly specific – and I’m sorry for this – consumption of escolar causes explosive, oily, orange diarrhea.

Here’s the full report (about the mislabeling, not the escolar).

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Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us | TIME.com.

Steven Brill takes time to follow the money. A long article worth every word. Take time to read this and spread the word.

As John Stewart said during his interview with Mr. Brill, reading it is like Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier–the further you go the more violently you start to shake. Some, most of the facts he lays out are infuriating.

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Four Volcanoes Erupting Concurrently on Kamchatka Peninsula – SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Can’t tell what’s more impressive, four volcanoes at once, of the 360 video from a helicopter. I wouldn’t want to be in a helicopter over a river of lava.

360 video

Many panoramas

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It’s Nice That : Seriously beautiful – and plentiful – patterned Japanese manhole covers!.

Nice to look at.

Not as nice: New York City gets most of its manhole covers from India

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Poor in cages show dark side of Hong Kong boom – Economy Watch on NBCNews.com.

Sure they took the Borg cube down, but they’re still living in cages.

Here’s a choice line from the article:

Some 100,000 people in the former British colony live in what’s known as inadequate housing…

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