I just discovered KNSTRCT, a kind of magazine/blog, a “museum of design news,” created by Ashley Nelson. Nice big photos of recent projects around the world, and what I appreciate most, collections of projects based on a single idea, like “living greenhouses” and hotel pools. Check it out.


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Its Nice That : Interesting new book looks at the whys and wherefores of public typographic installations.

I can’t think of many books that cover typography on- or as-building. This one looks promising.

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Ultra Ever Dry is a new nano polymer that repels almost any substance | NOTCOT

This is crazy. I’ve never seen a coating this good at keeping things off. Can’t imagine how bad it would be if you inhaled it.

Ultra Ever Dry. You can actually buy it.

After seeing this I almost understand how someone could think nanotechnology is immoral. It’s not of this earth.

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After over a year (two years?) of angrily perusing Harper’s, I’ve decided to cancel my subscription of many, many years. Since Lapham left, it’s become terrible. Ideological without wit, a poor sense of what  fiction is… even the book reviews are disappointing in that they’ve become too accessible. I’ve decided to reallocate my reading time to Lapham’s Quarterly, which is a godsend. Really, it is amazing. A boon to the world, and a friendly door to the great writings of the past.

Anyway, I went to the website to enter my request to cancel and noticed this graphic on the side:


And then I thought, I wonder where this comes from. Dumping into Google Images, I found it here:

 biblioklept | terms of venery

An Exaltation of Larks, or The Venereal Game,by James Lipton

And Amazon has it.

If you don’t know about dragging images into Google, you should get to know it. Powerful and fun stuff.

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