Stanford scientists develop new type of solar structure that cools buildings in full sunlight.

Nanotech that doesn’t heat up and is able to reflect heat at the frequency required to leave the atmosphere. According to the article, some panels on your roof could lighten your AC load by 35%.


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Connectogram – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

…mapping and interpreting all of the white matter fiber connections in the human brain

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3D Printed Cell Technique Allows Material To Mimic Human-Like Tissue VIDEO.

Droplets of water and oil mimic cell membranes, bending like muscle and communicating like neurons.

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Secret Universe – The Hidden Life Of the Cell on Vimeo on Vimeo

Terrifying and beautiful. What’s the word? Oh yes, sublime. An hour-long education on the cell. More at MeFi.

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New Imaging Device That Is Flexible, Flat, and Transparent.

Some kind of does-everything sensitive display. Made by “researchers”–so I guess it will be a few years.

The new imager, which resembles a flexible plastic film, uses fluorescent particles to capture incoming light and channel a portion of it to an array of sensors framing the sheet. With no electronics or internal components, the imager’s elegant design makes it ideal for a new breed of imaging technologies, including user interface devices that can respond not to a touch, but merely to a simple gesture.

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University of Chicago physicists have succeeding in creating a vortex knot—a feat akin to tying a smoke ring into a knot.


Rapid prototyping, bubble patterns, smoke rings, turbulence, 3D and slow-motion video… this looks like fun research. But I don’t understand the science at all.

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Damien Chivialle’s Urban Farming Units Transform Old Shipping Containers into Greenhouses for Organic Produce | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building.

Read more about the idea here:

The Farming Technique That Could Revolutionize the Way We Eat

Aquaponics is a method of combined fish and vegetable farming that requires no soil. The farmer cultivates freshwater fish (aquaculture) and plants (hydroponics) in a recirculating water system that exchanges nutrients between the two. Wastewater from the fish serves as organic fertilizer for the plants, while the plants clean the water of fish feces and urine. The net result: a 90 percent reduction in freshwater use compared with conventional fish farming, and a significant reduction in added nutrients such as fossil fertilizers. The system can be run without pesticides and, because the fish environment is spacious and clean, without antibiotics.

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Ivanpah: The World’s Largest Solar Thermal Plant Passes First Solar Capacity Test | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building.

More about the project here.

Has anyone else noticed we’re solving more problems through building many little things (solar fields, drones…) rather than one big thing (nuclear plant, nuclear bomb)? Object-oriented programming, algorithmic facade design–it’s as if we are compelled to create mini-multitudes, not just a single Frankenstein. I’m sure this will all end well.

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Four Volcanoes Erupting Concurrently on Kamchatka Peninsula – SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Can’t tell what’s more impressive, four volcanoes at once, of the 360 video from a helicopter. I wouldn’t want to be in a helicopter over a river of lava.

360 video

Many panoramas

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Ultra Ever Dry is a new nano polymer that repels almost any substance | NOTCOT

This is crazy. I’ve never seen a coating this good at keeping things off. Can’t imagine how bad it would be if you inhaled it.

Ultra Ever Dry. You can actually buy it.

After seeing this I almost understand how someone could think nanotechnology is immoral. It’s not of this earth.

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