Hell in a Handbasket: Mannequins with Cameras in Their Eyes – Core77.

Creepy demographic-scanning mannequins deployed in secret, called EyeSee.

From what I see, there is absolutely nothing preventing this technology from being added to anything else that can be fitted with a camera. Like your phone. Or the front door to a car dealership. Or airport. Or a Real Doll.

Compare: the Embodied Avatar, US Customs’ latest lie detection machine. Freaky good at catching liars.


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DIY – Futility Closet.

Conlon Nancarrow wrote music unplayable by human beings, then punched cards for player pianos so that the music could be heard. It is rocking and puts a smile on my face. Not at all as frightening as you might think.

Gyorgy Ligeti discovered some piano pieces in a Paris record store in 1980 and became an early champion, calling the composer “the greatest discovery since Webern and Ives.” Subsequent admirers included John Cage (“Conlon’s music has such an outrageous, original character that it is literally shocking”) and Frank Zappa (“The stuff is fantastic … You’ve got to hear it. It’ll kill you”).

via Boing Boing

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Eye,Robot is a compilation of student work exploring the intersection of computation, robotic fabrication, and cinematography at SCI-Arc lead by Brandon Kruyman and Jonathan Proto.


Multi-axis fabrication robots, video, animated landscapes, time-lapse… fascinating and just barely intelligible. Y’know, SCI-Arc.

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What It Takes to Get a Standing Ovation at Your TED Talk – Core77.

Not a great title, but Core77 writes about German automation company Festo and their research project SmartBird. A giant gull-shaped artificial bird with articulating wings, only 450 grams. Radio-controlled. Watch the videos.

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The actors are robots, but the emotion is human | The Verge.

This sounds fantastic. Japan Society presented Robot Theater Project in New York, with robots and human beings on stage, acting together and exploring the emotional bonds between man and machine.

Sometimes I think it’s a lie to study our strange anthropomorphic behavior with robots and call it the fault of the robot. We are like this with other people. We like 18-month-old baby/toddlers because they are innocent and not fully aware, just like the little robots in the play. And so on.

New play idea: robot asks why people think they treat it differently than others. (Probably already been done.)

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Proposal to create a “toddler” robot in 9 months. To explore how people will grow to be comfortable with service robots.

Roboy team aims to build robot toddler in nine months.

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Nice implementation. How much of today is based on understanding and reinterpreting the 1980s? Will we ever be so self-assuredly innovative (albeit wrong at times) again?

Robotic 808 drum-machine – Boing Boing.

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Pendant lamp that indicates the weather. Oh, and it has a liquid nitrogen component that creates a cloud in your house if it’s cloudy outside.

Nebula 12.


Seems like it belongs on this list.

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Freehand lasercutting.

I like the way it interprets your gesture and regularizes it. Note how this thing leapfrogs over the (obvious?) application of smart-pens-for-CAD, and goes right into fabrication.

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