abkebabs Map of Europe 1000 AD to present with timeline – YouTube.


Fascinating, as most maps are to me. Fun video, but more useful as a slider to see what things looked like on a specific year.

Reminds me of play Risk on the Mac Plus with the AI at full speed. There’s an emulator for those of you who really need a retro fix.

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Kit FUI.

I’m so glad this exists.

Fantasy User Interfaces, Fictional User Interfaces, Fake User Interfaces, Futuristic User Interfaces. Regardless of what the F stands for, they all represent the same thing, the user interfaces and heads up displays found in many popular movies and television shows.

Kit FUI is an IMDb-like database that makes it easy to find screenshots, videos and the designers of these FUIs.

What I love about fictional UI is that the primary direction is to look cool. This is what people want to see, a sexy complexity. Put this at the opposite end of the spectrum from Windows98 GUI.

Sometimes people want to look at things that are intimidating yet waiting to be controlled. The Bloomberg terminal interface comes to mind.

The only valid reason explaining why the Bloomberg design will not change is the behavior of its users. Users who favor complexity and clutter over efficiency and clarity to sustain a fictive status symbol.

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Sometimes you need to see what your fonts look like, and waiting for the preview in Word or Illustrator is just too slow. Try STC fontBROWSER (Flash). It lists all the fonts that are installed on your computer and gives you a quick preview at two different sizes.

There are other browser-based font viewers, I learned, with pros and cons to each. Read about them here.




Noggin Box Font Picker

I found this interesting:

note: How does a web app interrogate my fonts?
In a word: Flash. Most of these systems use a Flash applet to retrieve font names — even if the interface is primarily HTML.

The only exception is flippingtypical.com which relies on JavaScript. It uses a database of known font names and determines whether a font is installed by applying it to an element and detecting whether its dimensions change.

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Thinking with Type

Beautifully illustrated lessons on typography by Ellen Lupton and Christopher Clark. Nicely done. Check out the other links to study kerning, grids, proofreading marks and more.

Buy the book.


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The witty designs of Phil Jones. Go ahead, try not to laugh.

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Cameron Booth’s Transit Maps, featuring subway and rail maps, old and new. More on his blog.

via MetaFilter

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Connectogram – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

…mapping and interpreting all of the white matter fiber connections in the human brain

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Akiyoshi’s illusion pages.

It’s been years since I first saw these, but there as fresh as ever. Optical illusions that you swear are made with animated gifs.

more via It’s Nice That.

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Trend List.

A cold hard look at contemporary graphic design, cataloged by trend (e.g. Slash, Staircase, Circle, Hyphens…) To hammer it home, a DIY generatorCynical? Missing the point?

Read this before answering:


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Form Follows Function by Jongmin Kim.

Impressive array of animations. Even works on your iPhone.

More about the designer here.

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