Potential UI Gamechanger: Minuum Linear Keyboard – Core77.

I like this thing. Like T9 but in a straight line. Eventually predictive algorithms will be able to guess whole sentences based on where you are and whom you’re writing to.

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New Imaging Device That Is Flexible, Flat, and Transparent.

Some kind of does-everything sensitive display. Made by “researchers”–so I guess it will be a few years.

The new imager, which resembles a flexible plastic film, uses fluorescent particles to capture incoming light and channel a portion of it to an array of sensors framing the sheet. With no electronics or internal components, the imager’s elegant design makes it ideal for a new breed of imaging technologies, including user interface devices that can respond not to a touch, but merely to a simple gesture.

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Ocean Wings: Aqua Lung Wetsuit Lets You Fly Underwater | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building.

Inhabitat is on fire these days.

Video of a prototype suit by Guillaume Binard, based on the same principles of a wing-suit for skydiving. My favorite part is at the end, when he uses an inflatable to rise to the surface–it is exactly the same pose as Green Lantern flying.

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Mu Thermal Imager by Mu Optics.

Pretty great Kickstarter idea. You buy the high resolution infrared sensor (somewhere between $200 and $325) and let your phone do the hard part.

What other computationally intense devices can we port to the iPhone? Well, until we get specific, just buy a bunch of these NODES:

Variable Technologies

Meet NODE, a handheld sensor powerhouse with Bluetooth 4.0 Smart (Low Energy), a 9 degrees-of-freedom motion engine, a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer, in addition to two interchangeable modules you can add to either end. Attach any of the modules listed below to enhance your NODE.

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Everpurse – The Purse That Charges Your Smartphone.

Put iPhone in purse, rest purse on charging pad. Good idea. Not sure how they arrived at the name, though. The styling could be a whole lot better, too.

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Soccket: Amazing Energy-Generating Soccer Ball Launches on Kickstarter! | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building.

Nifty. They should get together with the One World Futbol Project, if they haven’t already.

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LaserOrigami Uses a Laser Cutter to Create 3D Objects Faster than 3D Printers | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building.

Pretty clever. They defocus the laser to heat up the plastic, which then bends (by gravity). Many, many times faster than standard rapid prototyping.

Also has a pen tool for marking cuts by hand.

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Electromagnetic Harvester – Dennis Siegel – Dennis Siegel.

Devices that slowly absorb free-flowing EMF to charge batteries wirelessly, and at no cost. There is something about these photos–the searching–that calls attention to the author’s angst. What is all this EMF doing to us?

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3Doodler: The Worlds First 3D Printing Pen by WobbleWorks LLC. — Kickstarter.

Everyone else is blogging about this pen, so I’d better get on it before I look old and crusty. It really is amazing. Draw in 3d. Over $700K at Kickstarter already. They were asking for $30K.

* * *
While we’re talking advanced pens, take a look at Livescribe Sky. Grand St has a good write-up, with video. The secret is the special paper–the pen writes normally with ink but captures everything as an image and uploads wirelessly. And just to blow your mind, the special paper (notebook) has “buttons” on the bottom of each sheet to record and do other stuff.

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Thin Is Definitely In: CES Sees Launch of CST-01 E-Ink Watch – Core77.

Lovely, well-thought-out watch highlighting the potential of e-ink. Great typeface. You set the time through its charging stand, eliminating all buttons on the watch itself. Relatively cheap, too.

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