Core77 has a short post on The Hoffman Dovetail Key, what appears to be a simple, elegant and compact system for dovetailing wood parts together.

For those not grasping it right away, this system can enable an absolutely radical change in your production system. Consider that items joined with these HD Keys require no glue, no glue-up, no cleaning up the squeeze-out, no clamps, no drying time. Finished pieces can be stacked as soon as they’re together with no worries about glue squeeze-out from one piece marring the one beneath it, obviating the need for racks.

I’ve been saying “biscuit joiner” when people ask me what my favorite tool is (they do ask, I don’t know why). I might have to change my answer now.

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Regenerative braking for bicycles and more. Intelligent power boost while you pedal, Wifi connection, API for developers… This is pretty great stuff, but now someone has to figure out a bulletproof way to lock your rear wheel.

MIT Actually Reinvented The Wheel – Digg.

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Microphone system maps rooms with a snap of the fingers.

This is interesting. They were able to find a wall with 1mm accuracy. Less successful in a complex room (a cathedral nave), but still–that’s fantastic.

Compare: 3d mapping by ZCorp ZScanner, Trimble, MatterPort, and of course, Kinect.

Next up: 3d mapping by smell.


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A Chandelier that Projects Tree Shadows | Colossal.

I want to know what the light source is. Not for sale (yet).

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Lucida Dreams Come True: Kickstart a 21st-Century Version of a 19th-Century Optical Drawing Aid – Core77.

Oh man. All 2500 sold out. I was going to take care of all my Christmas shopping in one fell swoop. Oh well. I’ll see if the open source instructions work for me.

Read all about the camera lucida, a 19th-century drawing aid.

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Blackbody Lamps Use OLED Technology to Create Stirring Lighting Effects | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building.

Another major breakthrough in light fixture technology: ultra-thin OLED. Some nice designs at Blackbody, but I think it can go much further.

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Microsoft IllumiRoom is a coffee table projector designed for the next-generation Xbox | The Verge.

Still in R&D phase, but impressive. A Kinect maps your living room then a projector extends the video area of the game you’re playing. Nauseatingly immersive.

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Window Socket: Portable Solar-Powered Outlet Sticks to Windows, Charges Small Electronics | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building.

Cute. They should make another one with a propeller, might get more juice out of it, especially in a high-rise.

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Magnetic Putty Magic Extended Cut | Shanks FX | PBS Digital Studios on Vimeo on Vimeo

This is neat stuff, well shot.


Here’s what 5kg of the stuff looks like.

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SpaceTop – Jinha Lee MIT Media Lab, 이진하.

Transparent screen becomes a window into a holodeck-like box, and you interact within this box, not in front of it.

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