Core77 has a short post on The Hoffman Dovetail Key, what appears to be a simple, elegant and compact system for dovetailing wood parts together.

For those not grasping it right away, this system can enable an absolutely radical change in your production system. Consider that items joined with these HD Keys require no glue, no glue-up, no cleaning up the squeeze-out, no clamps, no drying time. Finished pieces can be stacked as soon as they’re together with no worries about glue squeeze-out from one piece marring the one beneath it, obviating the need for racks.

I’ve been saying “biscuit joiner” when people ask me what my favorite tool is (they do ask, I don’t know why). I might have to change my answer now.

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Ikeas new AR app superimposes furniture into your empty room | Digital Trends.

Very clever, using the catalog cover as the reference point to determine view angle and scale. Watch the video.

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A Chandelier that Projects Tree Shadows | Colossal.

I want to know what the light source is. Not for sale (yet).

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Heineken WOBO, A Beer Bottle Brick For Building Eco-Homes.

Great idea circa 1963. Didn’t make it very far, though.

Another write-up here at Now I Know (a fun newsletter, by the way).

UPDATE: Andrew Mowbray makes building blocks out of gourds (shaped in acrylic molds)

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Hotel Droog.

Haven’t seen these guys in mags as much as I used to. But it’s clear they never lost any steam. Now they have a hotel with four shops, a gallery, a restaurant and a garden. And only one guest room. Ha ha.

Nice website, too.

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Steelcase Study Concludes Were Sitting Differently as a Result of More Objects. Time for a New Kind of Chair? – Core77.

SNL-like but not-a-parody video from Steelcase for their new Gesture chair. Designed for us as we slouch our way to oblivion. It’s  this kind of thinking that brought us the beer helmet.


In Silicon Valley, Sitting Is the New Smoking | Wired Business |

People spend 9.3 hours per day on their derrieres, eclipsing even the 7.7 hours they spend sleeping.

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